The morale boosting joy of hats

knitted hats Vintage inspired

“A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. Its all about how it makes you feel”  Phillip Treacy

Vintage 1940s piano hat Made of Moxie knitted hats are inspired by hats from the 1940s, a time of great creativity in hat design and a high point of the art of knitting in the UK.

During and immediately following World War 2 clothing tended to be drab and utilitarian, restricted by the rationing of materials. But hats were considered a morale booster so materials to make them were not rationed. This resulted in womens’ hats becoming elaborate, playful and inventive in style. They hosted rich profusions of artificial flowers, feathers and veiling and wearing one served to uplift the wearer in troubled times. Again we are collectively experiencing troubled times but, just maybe, the simple act of wearing a hat, handmade with care, can adjust attitude and lift the spirits.

Add plumage according to taste.

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