Helen wearing the Huntress hat“Moxie” definition noun
informal slang noun: moxie; noun: moxy
  1. force of character, determination, or nerve.
    "when you've got the moxie, you need the clothes to match"

Made of Moxie emerged out of the isolation of the Covid lockdown of 2020 when life changed dramatically. I’m Helen. Originally trained in New Zealand as a textile designer I have always been deeply interested in clothes as a form of self expression as well as intrigued by how what we wear affects how we feel and engage with the world.

How do we dress to help ourselves feel good? A joyful hat. A jacket to instil confidence. Colours to inspire. The simple act of deciding what to wear can fortify us in the outside world and impact how we are perceived, especially as we age. With an emphasis on the unique and the hand made, we are here to make clothes and accessories to inspire and embolden. [Read: The morale boosting joy of hats]

Starting with vintage inspired hats handmade in natural fibres by talented knitters in the UK. The kind of hats that make you look and feel great. Made to last as one offs or produced in small quantities.  

For women with moxie.

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